The Tree Planting Process

     The soil conservation district's main job is planting trees. We do this to protect our homes, structures, fields and roads from that frigid 'wind'! Ward County usually plants between 100,000 to 140,000 feet of trees per season. To get started we either start in the office or when you need trees planted. We take measurements and check your soils in order to get you trees that will survive. Once we get all the logistics set in place , we can talk trees and create a plan for you, get a contact written up and take a 40% down payment for the cost of the trees.

     There is a couple different options for keeping those pesky weeds away from your trees. We highly recommand that you choose to put weed barrier fabric over your trees. This helps prevent competion of the sun, water and nutrients your trees need. Another option is Casoron which is a granular weed killer that is applied in the fall.

     We usually get our trees during late April from the nurseries. We plant all the trees during late April (frost permitting), and May and then put the fabric on during the month of June. If you're thinking about getting a tree planting, go ahead and call ND One Call at 1-800-795-0555 to get your electric and water lines marked. Please feel free to stop in the office or give us a call to talk about trees, even if you are looking to plant in the future!