The Ward Soil Conservation District is a county entity that is a political subdivision governed by the state. The SCD's are governed by a board of five supervisors, three of which are elected by local voters and two are appointed by the board. 

The main goal of the Ward Soil Conservation District is to help farmer, rancher, and landowners practice conservation by engaging with the producers in voluntary actions that keep our air, water, soil, habitats, pasture, and farmland healthy. This can all be done by us offering resources, expertise, and funding opportunities.

Ward Soil Conservation District is working hard to create a place where we can help producers practice better conservation. We also want to help educate our producers, youth, and urban citizens. We want to see our rural and urban populations coexist in one another and have a great understanding of each other. We make this happen through our programs, outreach, and hardworking staff. 

The Soil Conservation District alone cannot provide the allocated funds to help producers with their practices, so funding comes from mill levies in the boundaries of the district and by partnering with the Natural Resource Conservation Service, known as the acronym NRCS. 

The NRCS is federal government that provides both technical and financial assistance to landowners and managers through Farm Bill programs for the benefit of farm, ranch, watershed, and the community. Additional easement programs are also available to provide long-term management options. 

The Ward Soil Conservation District currently offers tree planting services, weed barrier installation, pipline plow services for shallow waterline, tilling, and water testing. Ward Soil is looking into expanding their services. In the future we will be looking into adding a grass drill to provide our producers with the most opportunities for their conservation practices.