Tree Planting - Ward Soil Conservation District is happy to assist you in planning and planting trees for the uses you would like. You can order trees from us by clicking on the WSCD 2023 Tree Order Form Season.

Weed Barrier Installation - As you may need a way to help your trees start with less competition, we can install a weed barrier.

Sell Hand Plants - Once a year we get the opportuity to provide the community with a tree sale. We sell trees first come first serve. Join us May 27th, 2022 to pick up the ones you want! 

Tilling  - If you have an area that is going to be planted to trees or a garden tilled up and you would like the ground broke up before we plant and put fabric down, we offer this as well. 

Prices for tree planting are as follows:
$30.00 per 100 linear feet
Down payment of 50%
Minimum charge is $350.00.

Prices for weed barrier installation are as follows:
$60.00 per 100 linear feet
Minimum charge is $350.00

Prices for water pipeline are as follows:
$0.25 per linear foot for machine rental
Pipe varies per load

Water Pipline - One of our newer additions is the pipeline machine. We are able to provide producers with a great opportunity to put a shallow pipline in to get water to areas that you need.

Prices for hand plants are as follows:
$2.00 per tree
Minimum of 5 trees per species
Prices for tilling are as follows:
$75.00 per hour
Minimum charge of $150.00

Water Testing  - We have to opportunity to provide you with information regaurding the nitrates, pH, total desolved solids (TDS), and sulfates in your water.